e-Prescribing for FQHC EMR Software

Send secure electronic prescriptions using our leading eRx software

E-prescribing is a way for providers to send prescriptions electronically and directly to a patient's pharmacy. It can save Community Health Centers time and money - and, more importantly, it helps keep patients safe.

Using the e-prescribing module in our FQHC EMR software, your providers can:

  • Send prescriptions electronically to eRx-participating pharmacies
  • Print prescriptions to paper
  • Fax prescriptions through the EMR

E-Prescribing Benefits

  • Ensure the right medication and dosage is prescribed
  • Prevent drug-drug and drug-allergy conflicts
  • Reduce prescribing errors
  • Improve medication adherence

See the difference our FQHC EMR software's built-in e-prescribing module makes. Call 480-786-1116 today to get started!